Studio & Gallery ShrineArt

Furniture Sculptures, Paintings, Sculptures, Upcycling Art

Galerie Shrineart Hamburg City Nord

«This is a very important concept for me. If I produce something, I transmit a message to someone else. »*

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Gallery ShrineArt
Galerie shrineart


Studio & Gallery ShrineArt

Furniture Sculptures, Paintings, Sculptures, Upcycling Art

Since 2003, shrineart gallery is in Hamburg Germany. To be more specific, the gallery is hidden between the huge office buildings of the City Nord. Quietly located in the pedestrian level, however, it is thus for all those interested with easy reach .Shrineart Gallery specializes in furniture sculptures, paintings, sculptures and upcycling art projects.

The furniture sculptures of Joseph J. Greiner. These works of art inspire with its extravagant design, solid construction and NEW experiences that you can do with them. Because this furniture is art, made from collected material. It is a work with memories - "former rediscover our culture" - and there is a sustained work of art which will contribute with innovative details for more decades / centuries to culture.

These fit perfectly the partial large-format images of Iris Greiner. In their strong colors they are an expression of joy and humor. The subjects are moving internationally from New York via Iceland to Tibet. But there they are, of course, the "Hamburg Paintings".

Shrineart Gallery Germany

Both Artists have become specialists in the field to up- cycling. Making Lights and Lamps. Most interesting works of art are accordingly developed here over the years. More information at object art / Upcycling Art.

the artist

Iris & Joseph Greiner

On the artists websites you can find a detailed plant list and the respective Vita. And additional remarks.

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Shrineart gallery is open from Monday to Friday 12 - 18 pm.

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*Quellenangabe:Energy Plan for the Western Man, Joseph Beuys in America : Writings by and Interviews With the Artist,erschienen im Four Walls Eight Windows;,1990, Seite 82