Furniture design - Unique pieces of furniture


More than 40 design examples of the artist - they are all from collected material

The artist born in Munich make his degree on the Free International University in Hamburg. In 1996, he began to collect silver cups, door handles, cutlery, wood and machine parts from the streets. From this material, he constructed his first furniture sculpture. Furniture sculptures made of recycling material.

Furniture Sculptures - Upcycling Art

Exceptional unique pieces of furniture made ​​with original art appreciation and respect for the earth. Because this furniture is from collected material. A sustainable furniture while upcycling at its best. These works of art inspire with its extravagant design, solid construction and NEW experiences that you can do with them. Furniture as works of art that are created in its diversity and with new interesting details, by Josef Greiner.

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Josef Greiner studied at the FIU HH painting and sculpture. After his studies he developed furniture sculptures, with conception (design) and execution are in his own hand.

It began in 1996 in Hamburg. Shortly after graduation, the work with collected material / working with memories was more and more an integral part of Josef Greiner's art. He named his first 3 dimensional works of art shrines or furniture sculptures. Were seen after a major solo exhibition in 1998, in addition to the furniture sculptures still more than 50 paintings by Josef Greiner, focused, the artist then exclusively on the design and manufacture of its furniture sculptures made ​​from upcycling / recycling material .

2003 the artist moved to the level of +14. There, over the next few years, major works by Josef Greiner created. During all these years collecting material and the procurement of wild grown wood was an important component of the work.

Art as a design

Projects from recycled wood for interiors. From the meditation room, spiral staircase, staircase railings through to kitchen. Josef Greiner, has as an artist for much extraordinary solutions.

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