Galerie Shrineart

About Shrineart

Studio & Gallery of Iris + Josef Greiner

On almost 300 square meters and up to 4.70 m ceiling height exhibitions are held at irregular intervals. Together with the images of Iris Greiner or the artists, who are exhibiting in the shrineart gallery, the new furniture sculptures by Joseph Greiner are presented. There are exciting moments when the Furniture Sculptures with the images enter into a dialogue.

Iris + Josef Greiner
Iris + Josef Greiner
Foto: Falk von Traubenberg

Since 2003 there is the sculpture and painting studio and exhibition space of shrineart in Hamburg City Nord. Located on the pedestrian level of the visit is not a problem for wheelchair users. In the last 5 years, many new pictures and furniture sculptures were created.

The exhibition program was reduced on one or two exhibitions a year, because the artist couple is with their own projects. If time permits, they like to continue their commitment, for a little more culture in the City Nord - a city office region in Hamburg. 

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