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Reclaimed wood furniture
Film von Inga Ozolina-Juhl
Details und Aufbau
Galerie ShrineArt
Vernissage Hamburg City Nord
Protect Trees
Family bench
Welcome in your second country
Marokko Fotos + Fotocollagen

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Movies of the producers shrineart gallery of Iris and Josef Greiner about the design and manufacture of furniture sculptures, work processes and photo projects. Gallery shrineart in Hamburg Winterhude / City Nord.

Book of Design

Book of Design
Book of Design
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Videos about Gallery and art projects of ShrineArt

NEW: The Sideboard 2014

This film shows the assembly of an exceptional sideboard. Manufactured and designed by Josef Greiner.

Sideboard - this Furniture sculpture is no longer available. © Josef Greiner, all rights reserved.

Reclaimed wood furniture

Film by Inga Ozolina-Juhl

Furniture sculptures presentation by Joseph Greiner

ShrineArt Gallery

Exhibition Helmut Weber
Tide TV

Protect Trees

Background and the construction
of the Family Bank


Welcome in your second country
Josef Greiner fotos from Morocco + Collagen of the artist Gisela von Waldow


How to build a bench of solid alder wood

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