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Up - cycling Art / Recycling Art Lights and Lamps by the artist Iris + Josef Greiner

Both artists are specialists in the area of ​​up - cycling art / recycling art . Their interest is in the field of light and lighting and some wonderful works of art are accordingly developed here over the years.

For price inquiries and details, please send a mail or visit the gallery.

"Upcycling is kind of a counter design for recycling".

"When recycling waste such as bottles, cans, paper, plastic and much more is broken down into its components to use such raw materials as new. During upcycling, however, one uses what is known as Ge and Consumed or as production radical usually ends up in the garbage , and designed this with a lot of creativity and crafted to you are so to say things a new life, the end of which had long been decided when upcycling to create products that satisfy many hip design criteria:.. aesthetic design, innovative, imaginative, well finished, exciting, individually and have a narrative plot Moreover, they are evidence of resource-esteem and thus fulfill important sustainability criteria quality materials be saved from destruction and segregated re-integrated into everyday life the result:...., it falls to less waste "(Quote from an article in the Planet upcycling in Dusseldorf)

Requests for lectures and courses on upcycling should be directed to

Gallery shrineart Hamburg / Dipl Soz.Wirt. Iris Greiner phone: +4940 - 89 49 77

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