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The Throne

Seat of Power

176 x 125 x 75 cm

Furniture Sculpture of the throne

The throne a furniture sculpture with a powerful aura. The collected material was used by the artist carefully in order to reach an consistent statement.

On the raised seat you can climb through a performance / inverted fire ax. On the seat are the two covers of a gas cooker. This can raise. Among them are located on the gas stove rack placed two boxes. This can be pulled out on a grip and it can be opened.

The symbols used are integrated references to the significance of authority.
used Symbols:

Case Handles,

door handles,

wheel of a sewing machine,

Parts of a destroyed (road construction projects) grave cross,

dragon wings,

shovel handle,

Chinese sound balls,

nut grinder with socket wrench,

bread board,

Print Type,

parts of a gas stove,

umbrella stand

and many more

Exhibition ShrineArt Gallery

Hamburg Germany

Open: Mo - Fr 12 - 18 pm

Saturday by appointment

For a detailed work overview, the Vita, and more designs, please visit the artist's website.