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Smutje 2 Kommoden

Smutje Cabinets

Smutje 2 Cabinets

for combination

Combination 160 x 118 x 58 cm
Cabinet height 82 cm
Upper cabinet height 78cm

Spruce, pine, mahogany / Sipo

Smutje two cabinets which can be separated or combined into a large closet.

The doors of Sipo / Mahogany in their original paint was applied. They are from the galley of a yacht.


The artist Joseph Greiner combines his knowledge of furniture making with a notion of art. This combination gives the furniture unique a great character for your living and work spaces.

Smutje 2 Upcycling cabinets by Joseph Greiner

Unique piece of Furniture Art

Unique items from the Hamburg-based designer, artist and producer Joseph Greiner. His sculptures are simultaneously art and furniture.

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