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80 x 100 x 121 cm

Upcycling various metals, stones, ceramics, etc., beech, oak, spruce, pine

Servizio a dome lid to open the chest stands on four wooden wheels and of course riding.
The lower box has the following dimensions:
54 cm wide, 64 cm long 14 cm high.
When I open the lid above gives a total of 5 boxes.
The upper large box has the following dimensions:
33 cm wide, 91 cm long, 27.5 cm high.
The 4 small boxes have the following dimensions:
1. box: 11 x 12,5 x 20 cm
2. box: 6 x 6,5 x 36 cm
3. + 4. box each: 10 x 13 x 18 cm

An artistic work on the development of furniture design

Servizio - Round bentwood box, charger, Shrine

Since the word shrine is almost completely vanished from the colloquial area, followed by a brief summary of the original meaning of shrines. With the word shrine a drawer, a box or a cupboard was called in early translations, but says little about the nature of our way of that use.
In the Middle High German word SCHRIN the meaning is defined somewhat more precisely: Box for clothes and valuables reliquary casket filing cabinet
The Latin SCRINIUM does not mean much more than a cylindrical capsule, a roll-shaped, round container, which was used for storage of papers, books, and ointments.
The Latin word still continues in the Italian word SCRIGNO for shear box and in the French word for ECRIN jewelry box. In the northern traditions of the English SHRINE is translated as shrine, temple, altar.
With the Norse SKŘÍŇ one called the mortal remains of a saint on the main altar of a church.
In the Gothic period shrines were becoming the image of a Miniature Church and thus began the actual church vaults to this cry churches to build around to give them a worthy place of storage. The most elaborate shrines were and are as reliquaries owned by the church. Here, the term is still quite common today.
In everyday life, the term has been applied to the production of simple wooden furniture. The carpenter or wood master had to specialize with the increasing demand of customers, more and more. From this, the profession of carpenter or as now still common in southern Germany, Occupation Carpenter was born. Previously, there was no difference between craft and art that various parts were solidly built and edited more or less artfully their intended purpose.

Furniture Sculptures as a cabinet or chest. Unique by the Hamburg artist Josef Greiner.

His sculptures are simultaneously art and furniture.

Exhibition and to buy in the Gallery ShrineArt - Hamburg Germany

Furniture Sculptures lend a special charmin your living and working spaces.