Monument - Heavens Gate

Sculpture by Josef Greiner - ShrineArt Gallery Hamburg

Heavens Gate - Monument

The original form of the language is the picture

The gate of heaven in his abstract, tapering upward form and his enormous dimension, is the result of intensive study of the process of dying. The view of life and the transition to death in connection with our Christian understanding of religion.

After the death, in the Christian faith the dead enter through a gate into the kingdom of heaven. If this gate passed through he comes to eternity revealed. Even a man like Jacob in the Old Testament, in a dream, this gate will be disclosed to the sky. He gets to see in this dream a clear picture of this passage that it can describe and understand. This entry into the kingdom of heaven is a symbol of salvation and liberation from all earthly things. Only a dead man can go through this gate, all survivors remain. The grieving could it help with the visual idea of ​​how the Preceding passes through a gate in the sky.

As an artist, I manifest this as a work of art. The image of the object is language. The art has found an expression. Since the word is in the form of his very own expression. We are mortal. Also others can understand that. The original form of the language is the picture.

Heavens Gate