Gallery Shrineart Hamburg City Nord Germany

Changing exhibitions of furniture sculptures, painting, sculpture, upcycling art

Artists Iris Greiner + Josef Greiner Hamburg.Germany

Lettering 2020 / 2021

Paintings from Josef Greiner


II. Exhibition 2017

Sitzgruppe Tisch + 4 Sessel

Sitzgruppe Tisch + 4 Sessel

I. Exhibition 2017

paintings and furnitures

paintings and furnitures

{ III. Exhibition 2016 }
The Grandmaster

The Grandmaster exhibition shrineart HH

{ II. Exhibition 2016 }
Happy Children

Happy Children

{ I. Exhibition 2016 }
Transformation & Love

Transformation and Love

Other exhibition spaces with works of the artist couple, Iris Greiner and Joseph Greiner, please follow this link

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