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Oak Chest

107 x 127 x 58 cm

Oak, Pine, Beech, Mahagoni, Thuja

The oak chest is a traditional round bentwood box, which is on a pedestal, that the development of wood processing represents. From the primeval wood up to the high woodturning art. One of the oldest furniture in the world!

The oak chest of Joseph Greiner is a classic dome lid chest. She has worked with a lot of love through the base, a very comfortable height to lift things in or out. Ideally suited for all kinds of things, from bedding to photo albums - what they want they can pillage always good.

Exhibition ShrineArt Gallery

Hamburg Winterhude

Open: Mo - Fr 12 - 18 pm

Other times by appointment
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Another unique furniture from collected material - a furniture sculpture by Joseph J. Greiner. For a detailed work overview, the Vita, and more designs, please visit the artist's website.