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Asylum Bench Unique

Furniture Sculpture 2016

Bench Asylum


Asylum 2016

Bench from reclaimed wood

Furniture Sculpture from Josef Greiner


Diese Möbelskulptur ist nicht länger erhältlich.
This Furniture sculpture is no longer available.
© Josef Greiner, all rights reserved.

Seat: Alder
4.5 cm thick
Length 2 m
Depth 60 cm
Height 47 cm
Side parts of the seat: walnut 4.5cm thick
Height 96 cm

Total length of the seating surface with spline: 2.50 m
Overall width below 98 cm
Backrest: Alder 5 cm thick
back taken in wrought iron (coach)
Length 2.25 m
Height 100 - 106 cm
Width 37-40 cm

Side parts of the backrest: maple, beech, oak, chestnut, walnut

Asylum Bench solid wood, this furniture sculpture by Josef Greiner - as always - built from collected material. The backrest is provided separately and is chained with a chain attached to the seat and thus adjustable. Also the backrest has on the rear side admitted the wrought iron of a carriage and is thus screwed to the Side parts.

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Asylum 2016 this furniture sculpture is a unique from reclaimed wood
© Josef Greiner, all rights reserved.

Another unique furniture from collected material - a furniture sculpture by Joseph J. Greiner. For a detailed work overview, the Vita, and more designs, please visit the artist's website.